About BGO


Bright Futures Ahead

Committed to a broad range of core values that drive impact and foster inclusivity, BGO Living is caring, forward-looking, and active. We intentionally take steps to support all members of our communities and all aspects of our environment. Charitable and environmental initiatives; diverse, equitable, and inclusive employment practices; art initiatives; support of celebrations of diversity like Pride, Black History Month - together these paint a picture of a company focused on integrity, and focused on things that matter.

Celebrating Diversity

We understand that our greatest strength lies in the diversity of our team. Composed of individuals from various background and walks of life. Our Communities are known for embracnig this diversity, which enriches both our teams and our residents' experiences.

Social Responsibility.

Prioritizing the Environment

Being committed to environmental and social responsibility means looking for opportunities to reduce our communities’ carbon footprints; increase residents’ awareness of how we can all work together for a cleaner, greener planet; and be healthier while doing so. Examples throughout the BGO Living portfolio include having EV charging stations, bike-share facilities, and My BGO Roots - the planting of carbon-reducing plant life.

  • Supports Local Arts & Culture Communities

  • Local expertise in 5 provinces and 17 cities

  • My BGO Roots

  • Award Winning Team

Local Community Partnerships

We have curated a group of like minded partners across the country and within our local cities that share your commitment to community-building and connection.

If you would like to partner with BGO Living or one of our communities, reach out to us.