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Our promise is nothing short of exceptional. We know and love, everything it takes to care for your home. We are proud to professionally manage over 45 rental communities across Canada. BGO Living brings decades of experience and passion and a deeply established and award winning reputation.

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Service Comes Standard. It's Even Award Winning.

This is BGO Living's BIG PROMISE. Our residents are our number one priority. We are committed to ensuring that every day, every resident feels special. We love what we do and that means you experience unmatched service. 


Our Community Matters

BGO Living is a community where connections matter - from residents to neighbours to neighbourhoods. We are focused on priorities that spark social engagement, support local businesses, and reduce environmental impact.

BGO builds communities, not just buildings, and we want you to be a part of it.

We Are.

A Warm
Welcome Guarantee

We take great pride in our unparalleled service, round-the-clock convenience, care and maintenance, and the local communities that we are a part of. Add to this a friendly smile from our dedicated on-site team.

BGO Living is the perfect complement to your lifestyle. Experience comfort in knowing that your home is well-cared for, alongside your pursuit of things that really matter. 


We Think The Future Looks Bright

Committed to a broad range of core values that drive impact and foster inclusivity, BGO Living is caring, forward-looking, and active. We are proud to have been recognized by leading industry organizations for diversity, equity and inclusion. We are active supporters of Project Destined, who are on a mission to transform minority youth into owners and stakeholders in the communities they live. This, among many others, allow BGO Living to give back to local communities. 

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Women's Network Resource Groups

BIPOC Art Collection

BGO Living is built on integrity. We are focused on the things that really matter. This includes diverse, equitable, and inclusive employment practices. It involves art programs that support minority groups. We celebrate; Pride, Black History Month, Asian Heritage Month, to name a few.

We support our communities and our environment.

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